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Taylor Eldridge blog: Q&A with KU football commit Cooper Root

Published Jan. 10 at 8:34 a.m. | Last updated Jan. 10 at 8:34 a.m.

Taylor Eldridge: So take me through the process of when KU actually offered and when you committed.

Cooper Root: “Well, the offer was fairly out of the blue. Coach Beaty just texted me one day and said to give him a call. So I called him and he basically told me, ‘We really want you up here’ and he gave me a really good offer. I told him it was awesome, but I needed some time to think about it. I thought about it for a few weeks with me and my family, but I was pretty set on it from the start.”

TE: So I know you had one other FBS offer in Air Force. What was important to you in the recruiting process?

Root: “The biggest one to me that I weighed the most was the academics and what I really wanted to study (to become an orthopedic surgeon) and what schools offered the best for me. KU has a really good medicine program and that’s what I think I want to go into. So that was a big part of my decision, and I also wanted to stay fairly close to home. That was a big deciding factor for me, too. Plus, it’s big-time football, so that’s pretty cool too.”

TE: You played both ways at Collegiate and showed some soft hands this season at tight end. But I know you’re a linebacker first. Is that where KU has indicated they see your future at or what did they tell you?

Root: “They kind of mentioned to me about maybe doing a little bit of both, but right now I think linebacker is probably it. But honestly, whichever one gets me on the field first I’m more than willing to play.”

TE: As far as the football goes, what makes you believe KU can turn things around?

Root: “I think coach Beaty is the biggest reason, honestly. Just because he’s such an awesome guy. He loves football and he was always really nice to me and my family and we always liked him from the start ever since I met him in my junior year. He was another big reason why I went there.”

TE: What made you feel like this was the right time to wrap up your recruiting?

Root: “I was just kind of waiting until I got what I really wanted and when that happened, that’s when I knew. I really wanted to keep it open until I felt like I got the best thing for me, which I did and that was KU.”

TE: How good does it feel to have the recruiting process over with?

Root: “It’s been really nice. I actually got to relax over this Christmas break and I didn’t have to keep having that stress on me that I’ve had all year. Now this final semester I won’t have to worry about that stress and I’m just going to be able to enjoy myself. It’s really nice.”

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