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Collegiate freshman Easton Ewy has compiled a 23-3 record and is a regional champ.

Collegiate freshman Easton Ewy has compiled a 23-3 record and is a regional champ. Fernando Salazar/ The Wichita Eagle | Buy this photo

Getting to know Collegiate’s Easton Ewy

Published May 15 at 9 a.m. | Last updated May 14 at 4:42 p.m.

Easton Ewy

Collegiate tennis

Ewy, a freshman, won the Spartans’ Class 3-2-1A regional singles title and heads into Friday and Saturday’s 3-2-1A tournament with a 23-3 record.

Have you done what you expected to do your freshman season at Collegiate, or have you exceeded your goals?

“I’ve actually never played a school sport at all, so coming to Collegiate, knowing that it’s a good tennis school with a good coach, I was expecting to do pretty well. How I’ve played in the last few years, I was expecting to do pretty well. I’m on target for where I should be.”

Your losses are certainly respectable, losing to teammate Travis Osland, who is playing doubles at state, Hayden’s Tommy Hunter, the defending 4A champion, and Stratton Brown, a freshman with one loss from Sacred Heart. What did you take from those losses?

“With those three matches, I felt that I could have done a little better. Knowing they were good players, I could have gone in a little more positive about it. Not telling myself that this is a good player, this is hard. Instead, I should have thought, ‘This is a good player, you can compete with them.’ I need to do the best I can, not get tentative about it.”

Class 3-2-1A will be tough with yourself, Brown and KC Christian junior Johnny Goodwin, who finished second in 2013 and is unbeaten. How are you preparing?

“I’m working a lot more on my serves to get more accuracy on it, higher percentage. Most of the time if I do get broken, it’s because I double-faulted. If I get the first serve, I put pressure on the other person.”

How does it help you to have outstanding players on your team to push you in practice?

“It helps me a lot. Travis is playing doubles this year, but his partner (Max Moxley) plays baseball, so a lot of the time, they don’t get to practice in the afternoon together. When it’s just Travis and I, I can practice singles with him and practice more of the shots I need to hit going into state. I can hit my big, flat, hard shots and push myself a lot harder.”

You’ve been lifting weights at Wichita State with Adam Ringler, assistant strength and conditioning coach. How has that helped you?

“In the last year I’ve felt more physically fit. I can pull out those longer matches, been able to stay in them a lot longer. I’ve seen a change in the pace of my ball, I hit it harder, I load my legs better so I can get a good hit on the ball.”

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