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Carroll golfer Carter Towey at Auburn Hills Golf Course.

Carroll golfer Carter Towey at Auburn Hills Golf Course. Jaime Green/ The Wichita Eagle | Buy this photo

Getting to know Carroll’s Carter Towey

Published May 1 at 11:48 a.m. | Last updated May 1 at 11:49 a.m.

Carter Towey

Carroll Golf

Towey, a senior at Carroll, has signed to play golf at Seminole State College in Oklahoma. After opening with an 84 at Carroll’s own tournament, Towey has been in contention every other round, including winning the Newton invitational with a 73. He shot a 71 on Tuesday as the Eagles took first in a City League meet.

It’s been especially windy this spring, so how do you handle it on the golf courses?

“It seems like it has definitely been a lot worse this year. I’m just staying patient, trying to keep the ball low, not getting anything up there too high. You can make bogeys and still finish good because the scores are going to be higher. In a couple of the tournaments we’ve been in, there have been a couple winners in the mid 70s. The mental game is so much more important. It’s important all the time, but especially when the weather is bad.”

Your dad, Jim, introduced you to golf and you golf with him quite a bit. Do you enjoy it?

“We live on the course, so we go out there and practice all the time. He’s not really very good, but it’s still fun to play with him. He likes watching me, and it’s fun to be around him. That’s probably when I spend the most time with him, playing with him and practicing with him. It’s good quality time with him.”

You like to read books in your down time, what’s in your backpack right now?

“It’s by Dr. Bob Rotella, Trusting Your Mind and Your Short Game to Achieve Success. I like to read a lot of mental game stuff, course management. I always have a book in my backpack, so when there’s time at the end of class, I can get some information from those. You can never get too much information. I’m not saying you listen in the direction of every tip you get about your swing.”

How do you get prepared for a day of competition?

“Definitely get some sleep the night before. I’ll listen to music sometimes when I practice. I don’t walk around with headphones on until I tee off. I have a lot of snacks in my bag, almonds and stuff to keep me going. I don’t want to ever start to drag in a round.”

What is something important to who you are?

“Something I like to live by is ‘be the most positive guy on the course every day.’ That’s big in golf. Be positive and don’t get down on yourself. I try to carry that through to everything in life. I think it’s really big, optimism.”

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