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Getting to know Mulvane softball’s Bailey Holt

Published April 3 at 5:04 p.m. | Last updated April 3 at 5:05 p.m.

Bailey Holt

Mulvane softball

Holt, a senior catcher, was an All-Metro selection as a junior. She has signed to play at Wichita State.

What do you love about being a catcher?

“Just the fact that I’m in on every single play. Every pitch, I’m part of it. I get to catch the ball, block the ball, I can keep a runner from scoring, I can get strikes for my pitcher based on the way I frame it. I don’t ever get bored.”

Since you’re in every play, you can also affect a game with a key decision or a mistake. How do you handle that?

“If I make a mistake, I get a little frustrated with myself. I can’t let it bother me. If I let it nag at me, I’m probably going to make another mistake.”

You’ve been calling pitches since you were playing 10-and-under softball. How did you learn that?

“Just the experience. I learned how to set up the batter. There are pitches I know batters won’t get to or will swing under. It was something I had to learn for myself. It’s hard to do. If I know the batter and the player, I kow what they can and can’t hit, and that helps. But for some, I have to work and see what they’re swinging at. During warmup swings, I can see if they’re spinning out, the way they’re swinging if they can hit the inside pitch or the outside pitch.”

You are a versatile athlete and coach Charlie Mason said you can play any infield position. What will you do at Wichita State?

“Their catcher will be a senior when I’m a freshman, so I don’t know about starting at catcher. When I went for my visit, we kind of talked about playing anywhere. I’ll play anywhere they need me to. I love playing short and third, but I feel more comfortable behind the plate, with my gear on. I feel at home back there.”

You missed the All-Metro team photo last year because you got hit in the face with a ball. What happened?

“It was in our Memorial Day tournament (with the summer team). I was playing third base, and my mitt broke. I was using my old one, which is super floppy. The ball was hit back to me. It wasn’t even that hard. My big old mitt got in the way, and I couldn’t see the ball, and I felt it hit my face before I knew it. I was holding my face thinking, ‘don’t cry, don’t cry.’ I caught the next day.

“I had to go for a CT scan to see if anything was broken, but it was just soft tissue damage, and I had a scar for a while.”

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