VarsityKansas.com’s 2013-14 All-State boys basketball teams

Published March 22 at 9:16 a.m. | Last updated August 29 at 1:30 p.m.

All-State and All-Class teams are selected by The Wichita Eagle with the help of basketball coaches across the state.

Every coach in Kansas is mailed a ballot to return to The Eagle by the end of the season. Coaches may nominate their own players and players from other teams.

The teams were selected by Joanna Chadwick. She tabulates nominations from the ballots and gets additional input from coaches and other media members.

Top 15

First teamSchoolHt.Yr.Pts
Clay CusterBV Northwest6-0Sr.17.0
Trevon EvansEisenhower6-0Sr.21.0
Kyler KinnamonMcPherson5-10Jr.15.5
Joe SchneiderLansing6-2Sr.16.2
Dean WadeSt. John6-8Jr.21.9
Second team
Mitchell BallockEudora6-4Fr.21.0
Jawan EmeryBV North6-5Sr.16.2
Zach JacksonWichita East6-3Jr.12.0
Jahmal McMurrayHighland Park6-0Sr.19.5
Trey O’NeilScott City6-2Jr.20.8
Third team
Shaffee CarrHighland Park6-5Sr.20.0
EJ GarnesWichita Southeast5-10Sr.12.0
Ben RichardsonBV Northwest6-3Sr.11.4
Brady SkeensSM Northwest6-6Sr.19.8
Brady WerthHays6-7Jr.15.0


6-0, sr., Blue Valley Northwest

Stats: Custer, who has signed with Iowa State, holds BV Northwest records for points (1,750), assists (353) and steals (199) — he already was the leader in all three categories after his junior season. Custer, who averaged 17.0 points, 3.5 assists and 3.3 rebounds, is a three-time All-State selection, a four-year starter. He led the Huskies to four straight Class 6A title games, winning in 2013 and 2014. He’s 94-6 in his career, the Huskies won their last six tournament games by an average of 23.3 points. He can score from anywhere and rebound. In the Huskies’ quarterfinal game, he had 11 rebounds. Custer had 25 points in the title game against BV North, a 27-point victory.

College: Iowa State

NCAA men’s tournament pick: Iowa State

Most memorable moment: “I think winning state this year was the best year because we’re seniors. It’s the last time we’ll get to play together. To finish out on top is probably the best thing that can happen.”

Advice you live by: “My Twitter (bio), which says something like, ‘I’ve missed a million shots in my life, I’ve failed over and over again, and that is why I succeed.’ You have to realize you’ll fail in life, but you have to continue to move forward.”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “Just hang out with friends, spend time with the guys on my team — Ben (Richardson), Kyle (Harrison), Vince (Fritz), Dave (Salach). Just spend time with them, play XBox like NBA 2K14.”

Coach Ed Fritz: “He has a lot of qualities you look for in a person. He loves to learn. He loves to be pushed. He’s somebody that if you tell him he’s doing something bad, he does his best to correct it. … He’s gotten better at thinking the game, seeing what the defense is doing, so he can react that way. Really the biggest thing is he loves doing everything in a team setting. He can do a lot more if we needed him.”


6-0, sr., Eisenhower

Stats: Evans, a two-time All-State selection, is a three-year starter and led Eisenhower to a 58-9 record in its first three years of existence. Evans led Eisenhower to the Class 5A tournament for the second time in three seasons. Evans utilized his quickness most, whether it was with his ballhandling or his first step to get past the defenders and to the rim. He was a proven scorer, averaging 25.8 points as a junior and 21.0 as a senior. His scoring went down, but that was only because he was able to involve his teammates much more and rely on them. He averaged 3.8 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 2.7 steals. He finished with 1,271 career points.

College: Undecided

NCAA men’s tournament pick: Wichita State

Most memorable moment: “Making it to state this year. Last year was a big disappointment for us, knowing that we really wanted to make it to state. This year we made it, and it was a great feeling.”

Advice you live by: “Don’t take anything for granted.”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “I like to hang out with friends, play XBox, go to the Y to play basketball. I play NBA 2K14, UFC, everything.”

Coach Steve Blue: “Obviously he can get to the basket and can dominate a game on the offensive end, but he shows great leadership, great communication. The past few years, he’s been our leader on and off the court. It’s not very often you have a kid who can play above the rim and have extreme quickness. He can get to the rim with his quickness, but his strength is underrated. He’s able to get to the rim and finish with contact. He can jump over and go by people. His offensive game is so gifted.”


5-10, jr., McPherson

Stats: Kinnamon, also an outstanding quarterback, led McPherson to the Class 4A-Division I title with a 23-1 record. He averaged 15.5 points, 3.0 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 3.3 steals and shot 50 percent from the field, including 45.8 percent from three-point range. For his career, he has 844 points, 339 assists and 236 steals. Kinnamon, who is ambidextrous, is especially successful at getting to the basket and finishing when he draws contact. He has a knack for knowing when to score and when to make the pass to get his teammates involved.

NCAA men’s tournament pick: Kansas

Most memorable moment: “Definitely when we were up big in the state championship game, my dad put in the second team and I got to run over to the sideline and hug him. We both got to say congratulations to ourselves, we just won, finally.… It was really emotional for both of us.”

Advice you live by: “Play every game like it could be your last. Put forth all the effort you possibly can. You can tend to take things for granted. Playing basketball is a privilege for us. You have to go out there and love it every game.”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “Hang out with my teammates. We were such a close group that we hung out almost every single day. if we didn’t have practice, we’d go to someone’s house and eat all the food out of their freezer.”

Coach Kurt Kinnamon: “I think the biggest thing with Kyler was, he was a tremendous extension of me. He would many times know what I was thinking before I had to say it. The competitive drive that he instilled, whether he was scoring or making the key assist or making the key defensive play.I think his team appreciated his unselfishness.… The thing I think he probably does as good as anything is looking up the floor and pitching the ball ahead. When you know as a player when you run hard to the other end you’ll get the ball, then you’ll run hard every time.”


6-2, sr., Lansing

Stats: Schneider grabs most attention because of his ability to score because he can hit from three and get to the rim. But it was his defense that was especially crucial, as he could use his quickness and athleticism to guard any opposing player. He missed most of his sophomore season with a back injury. Lansing finished fourth in 2012, second in 2013 and went 25-0 to win the 2014 title with a 48-27 win over Highland Park. It was Lansing’s first title. Schneider averaged 16.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.9 assists.

College: Air Force

NCAA men’s tournament pick: Florida

Most memorable moment: “The state championship game. We got a pretty good lead late in the third quarter and I could already feel the goosebumps on the back of my neck. When we came out at the end, the seniors, just hugging my guys that I had been playing with since fifth grade. It was the best feeling in the world, honestly.”

Advice you live by: “Treat others how you’d like to be treated. My parents always taught me to to be kind. If you treat others like you want to be treated, it will all turn out in the end.”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “Hang out with my friends. I have a good group of friends. We do everything together. We can just hang out, sit at each other’s house and talk all night. We can go hang out with girls, go play basketball together.”

Coach Rod Briggs: “He’s been our best player for the past two years. He’s just all around a well-rounded player.… When your best player is your best defender, you have a great chance to have a great team. It’s hard for the other guys not to play as hard or play as good a defense. We were going to be good defensively, and share the basketball. He’s very unselfish. Some people probably go away wondering why he didn’t take more shots. But he gave up the ball. We were so balanced, and that helped us win a lot of games.”


6-8, jr., St. John

Stats: Defending Wade is difficult because of his size, athleticism and versatility, which allows him to go inside strong or shoot from the perimeter. He has received significant interest from Wichita State, Kansas State, Colorado, Northwestern, LaSalle and Tulsa. Wade led St. John to the Class 2A title with a 26-0 record, and also led the Tigers to the 2013 Class 1A-I title with a 25-1 record. Wade played an average of 19 minutes because St. John won its games by an average of 30 points and 15 games had a running clock. Wade averaged 21.9 points, shooting 64 percent from the field, including 45 percent from three-point range. He also averaged 8.0 rebounds and 3.7 blocks. Wade, who missed part of his freshman season due to an injury, has 1,103 career points and 202 blocked shots.

NCAA men’s tournament pick: Florida

Most memorable moment: “Winning state this year was by far the best. The seniors we had been playing with since first grade, all summer working so hard, it finally paid off.”

Advice you live by: “Go out and play hard and have fun. If you’re not having fun doing anything, why do it?”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “Hang out with my family. We like to play card games and get really competitive with each other and get mad when we lose. We play simple games, like we play Go Fish. Scrabble. Whatever game we can find.”

Coach Clint Kinnamon: “The thing is, we have other really good players, but because of his size and length and skill set, he’s just a game-changer because he creates such an incredible matchup issue. Some teams want to put guards on him because he’s on the perimeter, and then we send him inside. With the ability to shoot the three like he can and the ability to post up like we can, teams struggle to defend him. The best part of his game is his mid-range game. He’s got an incredible shot. He’s just such a hard cover.”


Blue Valley Northwest coach

There was very little doubt that Fritz was destined to be a coach. His father, Harry, coached in college and was the director of the NAIA. Just like his seven brothers and sisters, Fritz went to college to play sports. He played basketball at Nebraska-Kearney. His brother, Willie, is the football coach at Georgia Southern. His wife, Ann, is a state championship-winning girls basketball coach at Blue Valley North.

Fritz, 57, has coached for 34 years and has a career record of 544-244. He spent 17 years at Center High in Kansas City, Mo., and finished his 12th season at Blue Valley Northwest, where he is 201-75.

BV Northwest played in the Class 6A title game each of the past five seasons, winning in 2013 and 2014. The Huskies, who lost to Wichita Heights in their first three championship games, have beaten teams by an average of 23.3 points in the past six games, including a 27-point win in the 6A title game on March 15.

Custer: “The thing with Coach Fritz this year is a lot of people would have thought he had a really easy job this year because he had all of us coming back. But the thing is, I think he had a harder job because he had to keep our attention. We’ve heard the same things in practice and games, but he kept our attention and kept us playing really, really hard for him.

“He always has us prepared for everything. He watches film nonstop, watches the tendencies of every player on the other team. We had a scouting report on everybody so we’d know exactly what they’ll do and how to guard them and what will work on offense. We’d go into games knowing what will happen before it happens.”

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