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VarsityKansas.com’s 2013-14 All-State girls basketball teams

Published March 22 at 9:20 a.m. | Last updated March 23 at 7:06 a.m.

All-State and All-Class teams are selected by The Wichita Eagle with the help of basketball coaches across the state.

Every coach in Kansas is mailed a ballot to return to The Eagle by the end of the season. Coaches may nominate their own players and players from other teams.

The teams were selected by Joanna Chadwick. She tabulates nominations from the ballots and gets additional input from coaches and other media members.

Top 15

First teamSchoolHt.Yr.Pts
Kylee KopatichOlathe South5-10Jr.12.2
Jacee KramerJefferson North5-8Sr.23.5
Shaelyn MartinSalina Central6-1Sr.14.3
Kaylee PageWamego6-2Sr.15.5
Lanie PageWamego6-3Jr.17.1
Second team
Sam BachrodtKapaun5-9Jr.15.9
Kendrian ElliottWichita South6-3So.13.6
Tyler JohnsonLeavenworth6-2Jr.15.6
Keiryn SwensonMaize6-2Jr.14.0
Bryna VogelClearwater6-0Sr.22.6
Third team
Devin CosperCoffeyville5-8Sr.22.4
Carly HeimHoxie5-7Jr.15.0
Addie LackeyHillsboro5-8Sr.20.2
Skyler SnodgrassAndover Central5-9Sr.14.1
Tia WeledjiSt. Thomas Aquinas5-10Sr.14.4


5-10, jr., Olathe South

Stats: Kopatich led Olathe South to a third-place finish in Class 6A and a 23-2 record. She averaged 12.2 points and, while she was as threat to shoot the three, she was especially strong at driving to the basket. As a sophomore, injuries to teammates forced her into the role as the Falcons’ top scorer, and she produced. But this season she focused more on finding ways to get her teammates involved, looking to make the pass first and get them the easy shots. She had 157 assists to 52 turnovers. At the 6A tournament, she upped her scoring, finishing with 17 in the third-place game.

College: Oral commitment to Kansas State

NCAA women’s tournament pick: Connecticut

Most memorable moment: “Last year when we went to the McPherson tournament and we beat McPherson at home, and also winning the championship game. That was kind of the first tournament we didn’t have Bailey (Rinehart) and people had their doubts about us, and we came out and showed them that we weren’t going to be messing around.”

Advice you live by: “Just giving it your all. Go hard or go home. Why do something if you’re not going to give 110 percent at it?”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “Being active with other friends and doing other sports that I’m not very good at. Like tennis and soccer, which I did earlier. But it’s mostly just basketball.”

Coach Steve Ingram: “A great player is one who makes other people around her better, and she has taken that concept to heart. She is such a great passer. She makes the game easier for everyone around her. She’s very athletic. She can get to the rim and always makes good decisions.… With her running the point, it’s quite a mismatch. When she attacks the rim, it’s not getting blocked very often, and when she guards shorter, quicker guards, she causes them to alter their shots, or she blocks their shots.”


5-8, sr., Jefferson North

Stats: Kramer, a two-time All-State selection, could play any position and do it well. She averaged 23.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.3 steals and 3.6 assists. Kramer scored a school-record 2,062 career points, beating her sister Jordan’s record. Jordan Kramer was a 2012 All-State selection. While Jeff North ran plays for Kramer to get an outside shot or drive to the rim, she scored a lot of her points in the transition game, oftentimes off her defense. She anticipated well on passes and used her quick hands to get the deflection or the steal. Kramer played in four state title games, winning the 2A title in 2013.

College: Emporia State

NCAA women’s tournament pick: Connecticut

Most memorable moment: “Winning the state championship and getting to the state championship game all four years. I think I don’t really understand how much (of an accomplishment) it is. It is a lot harder to win state than people think. My teammates were great, my coaches were great.”

Advice you live by: “Work hard, get in the gym because if you’re not, someone else is. Stay humble. Even if you’re good, someone else is better. If you’re cocky, it will come up and bite you in the butt.”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “I play volleyball, every sport. Weight lift. I like to do outdoor stuff, four-wheelers, swim. I like volleyball because I play with the same girls I play with for basketball.”

Coach Steve Noll: “Really, she could do about everything. She was a competitor. She could be a point guard if we needed her to, throw her in the post if we had to. She could guard post, guard guards. She led us in scoring, led us in assists. She could score herself or get it to others. She developed her outside shot. Her freshman and sophomore seasons, she wasn’t a great three-point shooter, but now I’d throw her in with the best. This year I think she dropped a point or two in scoring average, but she got more and more teammates involved.”


6-1, sr., Salina Central

Stats: Martin led Salina Central to a 23-2 record and second place in Class 5A. She averaged 14.3 points, 8.0 rebounds, 3.6 steals and 4.4 assists, shooting 37.1 percent from three-point range. She finished her career with 1,053 points, leading Salina Central in assists, steals and rebounds each of her four seasons. Martin is a do-everything player who’s long and lean, and used her physicality to out-muscle opponents under the basket, averaging 8.7 rebounds for her career. If teams pressed the Mustangs, Martin was the perfect press breaker because she could see the floor for the pass or use her speed and ballhandling skills to dribble past.

College: Kansas State

NCAA women’s tournament pick: Connecticut

Most memorable moment: When we made it past the first round of sub-state and won the sub-state championship my sophomore year because that was the first time in 26 years that our team had gone that far.… We knew we had made history.”

Advice you live by: “To be relentless in what you do. That’s been our theme for our basketball team. You don’t know when your last game will be, so you have to go all out all the time. If you don’t have fun, what’s the point of doing anything anyway?”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “I really enjoy riding horses. I used to be in 4H for several years, and I showed lambs, cattle and horses, so kind of anything farm-related. I also like playing volleyball and running in track.”

Coach Geoff Andrews: “The last four years she’s been incredible and brought this program to a whole new level. Great players score, but she didn’t have to do it at times. She could rebound, pass, defend the point guard, defend the post. Early in her career she could flash to the hole or post somone up. After her junior year, she knew she needed to work on her outside shooting.… She said, ‘if I want to play at the next level, I need to extend my game.’ She got it up over 40 percent and suddenly teams didn’t sag off her. It stretched the defense.”


6-2, sr., Wamego

Stats: Page, a two-time All-State selection, led Wamego to a 24-1 record and second place in Class 4A-Division I. She led Wamego to a 25-1 record in 2013 and the 4A title. Since she was young, she has worked on all five positions, and it paid off because she was a force in the lane or she ran the offense at the point, or could score from the perimeter. Page averaged 15.5 points 7.2 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 2.9 blocks. She scored a school-record 1,755 career points and for her career averaged 8.2 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 3.8 blocks.

College: Nebraska

NCAA women’s tournament pick: Connecticut

Most memorable moment: “Just going to state the past couple years with the girls, with the team. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to spend it with. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Advice you live by: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. You have your God-given ability, that will take you so far. But if someone out-works you, out-hustles you, that’s on you. If you are really talented, the person who works hard every day will come out on top in the end.”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “I like to fish a lot. I go with my family and friends. It’s a place, right over the hill from our house. We can all go to our little areas, we’re in talking distance, but still far enough away.”

Coach Jim Page: “She’s always been really good about getting everyone involved. Her scoring average was down, but I think she saw we were really going to need to get everyone involved. Her assists were really up, and her ability to coach on the floor was key. She got everyone in the right spots. At different times she’d change defenses on the fly if she saw something.… She also sees the floor so well and she rebounded the heck out of the ball. There were games we should have probably lost, but she thought, ‘We’re not going to lose, I’ll do everything I need to do, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds.’ 


6-3, jr., Wamego

Stats: Page helped Wamego to a 24-1 record and second place in Class 4A-Division I. She also played a key role in Wamego’s title run in 4A in 2013. Page developed her game a bit differently than her sister, Kaylee, because she played against girls two and three years older than her. She was much smaller, so she developed ballhandling skills designed to get around and through defenders to get near the basket — and then use her left or right hand to get her shot. Now at 6-3 and strong, she uses that skill on the perimeter, and when she gets around the rim, count on her finishing. She averaged 17.1 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.9 steals and 2.7 blocks. For her career, she has 1,137 points and a career average of 6.2 rebounds, 3.1 steals and 2.7 blocks.

NCAA women’s tournament pick: Connecticut

Most memorable moment: “State championship last year, and state all together. Spending a lot of time with friends on your team is a lot of fun.”

Advice you live by: “Always work hard and try to look on the positive side of things. If you’re negative, everything that happens to you, you’ll look at it negatively. You’re not going to be happy. If you’re positive, you can be happy.”

Favorite pastime outside of basketball: “I play tennis. Kaylee and I play tennis together, and I like to fish, I like to be outside. Tennis helps with footwork for basketball. But playing with my sister was a lot of fun.”

Coach Jim Page: “The thing she’s really changed is she’s gotten her jump shot 4-5 inches higher. She’s 6-3, so if you raise that jump shot 4-5 inches, it’s tough to block. Getting that jump shot up, it’s just about unblockable.… She also has a little bit of nastiness to her game. If you really get her riled up, she’ll make you pay on the offensive or defensive end. She’s just very competitive.”


Hesston coach

Richardson has been in Hesston for the past 17 years, spending two years as the Swathers’ freshman coach and five years at the middle-school level. But the past nine years he’s been the Hesston coach and has a 161-48 record, including this season’s 25-1 record and the Class 3A title.

Richardson, 39, grew up in St. John and played at McPherson College. He has two daughters playing for Hesston: Caylee, a 6-foot junior, and Cami, a 5-10 sophomore.

Hannah Schmitt, Hesston senior: “To me he’s an amazing coach because he practices it with us, and he pushes us really hard. The fact that he has two daughters on the team helps him to understand us a lot better. He knows how to handle the different people — some can be yelled at and are fine, and some need to be coached differently. That’s what makes him a really good coach.

“He treats us all as one of his kids, honestly. He doesn’t treat us any different. He holds us to the same expectations as he does his daughters, which is high. And that’s what we needed this season.”

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