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Bowling notes: Heights girls figure to be at top of City League meet

Published Feb. 20 at 11:45 a.m. | Last updated Feb. 20 at 11:46 a.m.

The individual bowling title in the City League could come down to teammates, Heights seniors Becca King and Shelby Burns. King has the league’s top average (658), while Burns is fourth at 611.

“It’s definitely going to be a good fight,” Heights coach Jolie Plumlee said. “Like the Redskins Invitational. It was a match play and we ended up having Shelby Burns and Becca King bowling for the top two spots in the finals.

“Anyone can beat anyone on any given day. You have to go in there with confidence and think about what you’re doing, not what everyone else is doing.”

King has a narrow lead for the league high over Carroll senior Hollyann Johansen (655), who won the Class 5-1A title as a freshman and sophomore. South’s Cassie Ediger is third at 638.

“Becca’s usually pretty good at reading the lanes and making adjustments on her own,” Plumlee said. “She’s very apt at taking things on herself. She’s really good at helping other people out. She’s a really great leader, her and Shelby both.”

Average battle — Southeast seniors Nathan Brantley, Derick Holmes and Casey Bennett have battled each other all season, each eager to finish the regular season with the high average.

Heading into Saturday’s City League bowling meet, which is at 2 p.m. at Seneca Bowl, it’s Brantley with the lead (694 average), but Holmes, the defending Class 6A champion and league champion is right there behind him at 674. Bennett is at 637.

“They’ve really progressed this season and are paying more attention to strategy and how the lanes are,” Southeast coach David Koch said.

Northwest’s Lane Stanberry (705) has the league’s high average, while Carroll’s Jamel Gunther is third at 689.

There’s a logjam in the City League boys standings, though, and the team title is up in the air.

Carroll and Heights are tied atop the league with 7-1 records, while Northwest and Southeast are tied for third at 6-2.

“Who wins will depend on how each team bowls in the tournament,” Koch said.

When figuring out the City League title, the regular season is worth half, the tournament the other half.

“It’s going to be fun,” Plumlee said. “It’s so fun to watch these kids bowl. They all know each other and like each other. Even though it’s great competition, it’s a great spirit out there amongst the different teams.”

Bowling angry — Andover Central senior Keri Ladigo, whose average is around 200 and has bowled a 300 this season, didn’t start out the season as strong as in previous years.

“She’s really picked it up here toward the last bit of the season,”Andover Central coach Doug Snyder said. “I think she’s pounding it down there now. It seems like she’ll get a little bit frustrated with herself in the first game and then she really starts focusing and kicking it in.

“It’s a focus thing as much as anything. She’s her own best coach. She’s bowled so much that she knows what’s wrong or what she’s doing. Sometimes if things aren’t going good early, she’ll get frustrated and then really buckle down and pound it in there.”

Ladigo finished second in 5-1A as a freshman and fifth as a junior. She leads Andover Central into Friday’s Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail Division II meet with an unbeaten league record.

Divisions I and II boys and girls compete at Seneca Bowl at noon on Friday, while AV-CTL Divisions III and IV are at 2 p.m.

Andover Central is also led by senior Tristen Hall, who averages in the 190s and junior Heather James, who is in the 180s.

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