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Campus High wrestler Mason McCracken came in third last year in 6A last year.

Campus High wrestler Mason McCracken came in third last year in 6A last year. Fernando Salazar/ The Wichita Eagle | Buy this photo

Getting to know Campus’ Masen McCracken

Published Jan. 9 at 12:39 p.m. | Last updated Jan. 9 at 12:41 p.m.

Masen McCracken

Campus wrestling

McCracken, a senior, is ranked second at 120 pounds in Class 6A. He finished third in Class 6A as a junior.

Coach Jim Dryden said you’re focused on your academics. How important is school to you?

“My grandma works at WATC, Wichita Area Technical College, and she was telling me about this new thing they were doing — it’s free and it’s taking college courses through high school.

“I’m working for my Airframe and Power plant license. I’m more of a hands-on type of person. Instead of sitting behind a computer all day, I’d rather be working out in the shed and stuff. It’s free right now, so I might as well take advantage of it while it’s there.”

You sound like you’re busy.

“I wake up, go to school, go to practice, go to college classes, go home and sleep and then it starts all over again.”

You finished third in 6A as a junior. How was that season?

“Starting at the beginning of last year, I kept losing and losing. I kept thinking, ‘Dang, this isn’t my year. I ain’t going to be doing too good.’ All of a sudden something clicked in my head that I needed to start from there. Halfway during the season, I went on a winning streak and was beating everybody. I came to state and I was still on that streak, and I finished up third.”

Is your goal a state title now?

“I think about it all the time. Ever since ninth grade, I’ve wanted to win state. And then last year I got third, and I told myself that I was going to win it next year.

“I’ve got a couple good workout partners who push me. I just keep working. They keep working. I keep working. We do what we’re supposed to do in practice, and we work hard at it. Your practice partner is the most important because you could have somebody that doesn’t work hard, and that’s not going to make you any better.”

Your sister, Hayven, is the wrestling manager, but you also have younger brothers (Kale, seventh grade; Connor, 7; and Maddox, 4). Do you wrestle with your brothers?

“Some of the time we’ll go right there in the middle of the living room, and then in the basement, we have a wrestling mat. Sometimes when we’re with our cousins, we’ll make up a tournament and determine a winner.”

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