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Campus out for more boys bowling success

Published Jan. 2 at 4:39 p.m. | Last updated Jan. 2 at 4:40 p.m.

There are two ways to look at the Campus boys bowling program’s emergence as a Class 6A power.

On one hand, the Colts finished fourth at the state tournament in 2012 and second last year. That was more success than the program has ever had.

“Last year’s run to second place at state was a big thing for us,” Campus coach Kenny Fulkerson said. “I think we can be back, but it will take a lot of hard work and some younger kids to step up.”

But on the other hand, now that the Colts have had a taste of success, the challenge for Fulkerson is to find a way to sustain and meet expectations, even when there is a mass turnover on the roster like this year.

“There is some pressure on us,” said Avery Woelk, who finished 33rd at state and is one of two varsity returners. “People think now we should be that good every year. Living up to that is going to be a challenge.”

As sophomores last season, Woelk and Slates were never asked to be leaders and hold others accountable, but now they are.

“We take on quite a bit of accountability as the returning varsity players,” said Drake Slates, who also finished in the top 50 at state last season. “Last year, Avery and I were the ones looking up to the seniors for leadership. Now the rest of the team will look up to us.”

In order for Campus to be a state contender again, it will need to find complementary pieces to go with Woelk and Slates.

“We think we can do more than we have the past two seasons,” Woelk said. “The new varsity players are really good and ready to step up.”

While Fulkerson would like to have more experience to go with Woelk and Slates, he is excited about his newcomers, specifically Ben Donnely and Austin Deboard.

“The biggest difference between this year’s team and last year’s is confidence,” Fulkerson said. “These new players have never bowled in big meets. But I think they are very capable of handling big-game environments.”


Andale/Garden Plain — Nick Cordell, sr.; Spencer Ward, sr.; Baylee Brechbuell, jr.

Andover — Anthony Wentz, sr.; Matt Tomblin, jr.; Ashley Cornelison, sr.; Dakotah Smith, sr.; Nicole Chen, sr.

Andover Central — Carrie Ladigo, sr.; Austin Clark, sr.

Augusta — Mason Kuether, sr.; Madison Marcotte, sr.; Katy Nordman, sr.; Hannah Trudell, sr.; Bethany Watson, sr.

Buhler — Kirsti Severin, sr.; Karson Nisly, so.; Erin Kirchoff, sr.; Nick McCammon, sr.; Chase Myrtle, so.; Devin Canfield, so.

Campus — Madison Taylor, jr.

Circle — Jerod Hromek, so.; Colton Carvell, sr.; Erika Slater, jr.; Chelsea Horner, sr.

Collegiate — Austin Daniels, sr.; Michael Park, jr.; Brooke Weber, sr.; Maddie Janzen, sr.

Derby — Tim Bevier, sr.; Bryce Morgan, sr.; Anna Aspinwall, sr.; Brooke Webb, jr.

Goddard — Zach Bell, jr.; Jeff Ferman, jr.; Lana Robison, so.; Lauren Rooney, so.

Eisenhower — Shannon Kane, so.; Bridget Lagana, so.; Zack Layne, jr.

El Dorado — Spencer Gannon, jr.; Chelsey Harber, jr.; Heather Riddle, sr.; Mariah Hart, sr.

Hutchinson — Jon Hornbaker, jr.; Tasha Humphries, so.

Maize South — Rachel Doerflinger, sr.; Kevin Foster, so.; Casey Dole, so.; Cade Delperdang, fr.

McPherson — Joel Morey, sr.; Austin Mitchell, sr.; Crystal Nutter, sr.; Jasmine Wann, jr.

Mulvane — Andrew O’Daniel, sr.; Tyler Wright, sr.; T.J. Base, sr.; Kiley White, jr.; Larissa Ester, jr.



3—Buhler, Maize at Andale (West Acres). 6—Cheney, Salina Sacred Heart at Campus (Seneca). 7—Andover at Buhler (Newton); Andale at El Dorado. 9—Andover, Kapaun at Derby; Goddard, Maize South at Campus (Seneca). 10—Newton, Hutchinson at Maize (West Acres). 11—Bishop Carroll Invitational (West Acres). 13—Derby, Eisenhower at Andover Central (North Rock). 14—Southeast at Trinity (North Rock); Goddard, Hutchinson at Andover Central; McPherson, Cheney at Newton; Mulvane at Andover (The Alley); Great Bend, Eisenhower at Dodge City; Independent, Buhler at Augusta (The Alley); Circle at El Dorado. 16—Andover, Newton at Heights (North Rock). 17—Hutchinson, Maize at Andale (West Acres). 20—Eisenhower, Andover at Goddard (West Acres). 21—South, Southeast at Bishop Carroll (West Acres); East, West at Kapaun (The Alley); Heights, Northwest at North (Thunderbird); Hutchinson, Salina Sacred Heart at Derby; Eisenhower, Collegiate at Newton. 23—Andover Central, Hutchinson at Campus; Andale, Newton at Augusta (The Alley); Goddard at Cheney. 24—Mulvane, Cheney at McPherson. 25—Great Plains Invitational (North Rock). 27—East, Northwest at Southeast (Thunderbird); Kapaun, Heights at South (Seneca); Heights, West at Bishop Carroll (West Acres); El Dorado at Mulvane (Derby). 28—Southeast at Trinity (North Rock); Circle at Buhler (Newton); Independent, McPherson at Augusta (The Alley). 30—Bishop Carroll, Maize at Campus (Seneca); Mulvane, Andover at Collegiate (The Alley). 31—Andale, Newton at Derby; Cheney, Hutchinson at Augusta (The Alley); Maize South, Goddard at Eisenhower (West Acres); Circle at McPherson.


1—North Invitational (Thunderbird). 3—South, Northwest at West (Seneca); Kapaun, Southeast at Heights (North Rock); Bishop Carroll, East at North (Thunderbird); Buhler at Mulvane (Derby). 4—Maize South, Campus at Newton; McPherson at El Dorado; Andale at Collegiate (North Rock). 6—Heights, Maize at Campus (Seneca). 7—Hutchinson at McPherson; Maize South, Andover at Eisenhower (West Acres). 8—Campus Invitational (Seneca). 10—Heights, South at East (Thunderbird); Bishop Carroll, Northwest at Kapaun (The Alley); Mulvane, Derby at Campus (Seneca); Eisenhower at Cheney. 11—Bishop Carroll at Newton; Collegiate, El Dorado at Augusta (The Alley). 13—Kapaun, Independent at Collegiate (The Alley); North, Southeast at West (Seneca); Maize, Maize South at Derby; Goddard, Andover at Andover Central (North Rock); Circle, Cheney at Andale (West Acres). 14—Andover Central, Salina Sacred Heart at Newton; Buhler at McPherson. 17—Bishop Carroll, North at Northwest (West Acres). 21—AVCTL (TBA). 22—City League (Seneca). 27-28—Regionals.


6-7—State tournaments.