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El Dorado senior wrestler Austin Hughey photographed at El Dorado High on Wednesday. (Dec. 12, 2012)

El Dorado senior wrestler Austin Hughey photographed at El Dorado High on Wednesday. (Dec. 12, 2012) Fernando Salazar/The Wichita Eagle | Buy this photo

Getting to know El Dorado wrestler Austin Hughley

Published Dec. 13 at 5:40 p.m. | Last updated Dec. 13 at 5:42 p.m.

Austin Hughey

El Dorado wrestling

Hughey, a senior, wrestles at 145 pounds. He finished second in Class 4A at 138 pounds in February and was fifth as a sophomore at 135.

Coach Wes Reynolds said you improved drastically from youth wrestling to high school.

“I did. I was decent then, but I was not near as good as I am now. I’ve gotten a lot better in my years in high school. I’m practicing hard all the time and training to do better every day. When I’m at practice, I focus on stuff I need to work on more, like taking shots and working on taking people down and finishing my shots and getting in shape…. My favorite drill is probably the takedown drill. We practice all the takedowns we have, do it over and over and then work on something else.”

What’s your overall strength in wrestling?

“I think it’s mental. I think if you can get out there and beat somebody, then you’re more capable of just being physically better than somebody. I think it’s a confidence thing. It’s the thinking that you know you can go out there and compete with anybody.”

How do you handle losses?

“I don’t really like losing that much. But I take each loss and work on what I did wrong in that match and fix what I did wrong. I talk to my coach about what I need to do better, I talk to my dad about what I need to do better.”

Your brother, Reno, a freshman, also wrestles. How cool is it to compete with him?

“I think it’s pretty cool. Every year we have wrestled with each other and made each other better. We wrestle in practice and, at home, we wrestle all the time. I have a mat out in the garage…. My mom doesn’t like it when we wrestle in the house.”

What are your favorite wrestling movies, and have you seen Vision Quest (1985)?

“My favorites are Win Win and One More Shot. They’re just good movies. As for Vision Quest, I like it, but it’s more of an old-style movie. It’s not like today’s wrestling. Just the moves that they do. They probably don’t work as good now.”

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