High school girls soccer schedule

Published March 26 at 2:19 a.m. | Last updated March 26 at 2:36 a.m.


28-April 1—Titan Classic 28— Southeast at Emporia. 29-April 2— Goddard/Bishop Carroll tournament, McPherson tournament. 29— Winfield at Wichita Homeschool, Independent at Mulvane, Hutchinson at Northwest, Circle at West. 31— Independent at Thomas More Prep, Circle at Wichita Trinity, Wichita Homeschool at Winfield


4—Mulvane at Circle, Carroll at Wichita Trinity, Southeast at Junction City. 5— Salina South at Valley Center, Campus at McPherson, Rose Hill at Mulvane, Newton at Derby, Buhler at Winfield, Hutchinson at Maize, Goddard at Salina Central, Andover Central at Andover, Kapaun at North, East at West, Southeast at South, Northwest at Heights. 6— Emporia at Kapaun. 7— Rose Hill at Maize South, Andover at Campus, Circle at Winfield, Wichita Homeschool at Independent, Newton at Salina South, Salina Central at Derby, Buhler at Mulvane, McPherson at Hutchinson, Maize at Goddard, Valley Center at Andover Central, Word of Life at East, West at Northwest, South at Heights, North at Southeast. 8— Salina South at McPherson, Wichita Trinity at Augusta. 9— West at North, Kapaun at Wichita Trinity. 11— Winfield at Mulvane, Wichita Trinity at Buhler, Hutchinson at Southeast, Derby at South. 12— Campus at Salina South, Mulvane at Augusta, Salina Central at Andover, Andover Central at Derby, Buhler at Circle, Hutchinson at Newton, Goddard at Valley Center, Andover Central at Derby, Southeast at Kapaun, Dodge City at East, South at West, Northwest at Carroll. 13— North at Heights. 14— Valley Center at Salina Central, Mulvane at Maize South, Andover at Maize, Circle at Rose Hill, Derby at McPherson, Salina South at Hutchinson, Newton at Goddard, Campus at Andover Central, South at Independent. 15— Mulvane at Winfield, Buhler at Rose Hill, Mulvane at North, St. Thomas Aquinas at Kapaun, Southeast at Garden City, South at Dodge City, Heights at Andover, West at Carroll. 16— Thomas More Prep at Independent, KC (Mo.) Notre Dame de Sion at Kapaun. 18— Andover at Valley Center, Independent at Wichita Trinity, Winfield at Andover Central, Northwest at Emporia, Topeka West at Heights. 19— Maize South at Rose Hill, Maize at Salina South, Circle at Mulvane, McPherson at Newton, Augusta at Buhler, Hutchinson at Derby, Goddard at Campus, Carroll at South, Heights at Kapaun, East at Northwest. 21— Campus at Salina Central, Mulvane at Winfield, Rose Hill at Wichita Trinity, Circle at Augusta, Newton at Andover, Derby at Valley Center, Buhler at Maize South, Hutchinson at Goddard, Andover Central at Maize, Heights at Southeast, Garden City at Northwest, North at Carroll, Kapaun at West, South at East. 22— Independent at Winfield, Manhattan at East. 25— Augusta at Rose Hill, Independent at Word of Life, Wichita Trinity at Carroll. 26— Campus at Valley Center, Salina Central at Maize, Derby at Salina South, Circle at Buhler, Hutchinson at Andover, Goddard at McPherson, Andover Central at Newton, Northwest at South, East at North, Carroll at Kapaun, Southeast at West. 28— McPherson at Salina Central, Augusta at Mulvane, Rose Hill at Winfield, Maize South at Circle, Wichita Trinity at Independent, Newton at Campus, Maize at Derby, Valley Center at Hutchinson, Andover at Goddard, Salina South at Andover Central, North at Northwest, Carroll at Southeast, West at Heights, Kapaun at East. 29— Winfield at Wichita Trinity, Heights at Manhattan, McPherson at Andover.


2—Derby at Campus, Newton at Buhler. 2-7— North Cup. 3— Winfield at Augusta, Maize at Valley Center, Salina Central at Newton, Salina South at Goddard, Andover Central at Hutchinson, Heights at Dodge City, Rose Hill at East, Kapaun at South, Great Bend at Southeast, Northwest at Manhattan. 5— Valley Center at McPherson, Augusta at Independent, Newton at Maize, Andover at Derby, Campus at Hutchinson, Goddard at Andover Central, Carroll at East, Washburn Rural at Northwest. 6— Winfield at Buhler, Southeast at Rose Hill, Heights at Maize. 9— Valley Center at Augusta, Circle at Independent, Carroll at Derby, East at Goddard. 10— McPherson at Great Bend, Campus at Winfield, Andover at Salina South, Independent at Rose Hill, Hays at Newton, Buhler at Valley Center, Salina Central at Andover Central, Northwest at Kapaun, East at Southeast, Heights at Carroll, Hutchinson at South. 11— South at North. 12— Mulvane at Campus, Winfield at Rose Hill, McPherson at Buhler, Andover Central at Rose Hill, Goddard at Carroll, Southeast at Northwest, Heights at East. 13— Northwest at Maize, Augusta at Circle.

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