Eagle Track Honor Roll (April 20)

The Eagle track honor roll lists the top three times, distances and heights, regardless of class. Then the remaining class leaders not covered in the top three are listed. Fully-automatic times (FAT) are listed to hundredths. Hand-timed results are listed to the tenth of a second and are rounded. For ranking purposes, the standard .24 is added to hand-timed results. Coaches should e-mail updates to sportsdesk@wichitaeagle.com

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VarsityKansas.com’s 2013-14 All-State girls basketball teams

All-State and All-Class teams are selected by The Wichita Eagle with the help of basketball coaches across the state.

Every coach in Kansas is mailed a ballot to return to The Eagle by the end of the season. Coaches may nominate their own players and players from other teams.

The teams were selected by Joanna Chadwick. She tabulates nominations from the ballots and gets additional input from coaches and other media members.

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